For decades now, the United Nations has designated specific days, weeks, and years to commemorate groups, people, individuals, and significant events.  These celebrations are usually led by specialized agencies of the United Nations, such as UNESCO, UNDP, UNFPA, WHO UNICEF, FAO, etc. while others are adopted by the General Assembly.

The United Nations whose core values are premised on building a peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world commemorates and celebrates these days globally in order to promote a global reflection on the past events while crafting new ways to live sustainably with one another. Among the list of UN celebrations are; International Women’s Day, World Environment Day, International Youth Day, Youth Skills Day and International Day of Women & Girls in STEM just to name a few.

Since the vision of Coaches United Nations Simulation (CUNS) is to become the leader in championing the ideals of the UN, we will join them in the celebrations and commemorating the legends that have and continue to contribute to a sustainable World.

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