CUNS 2021

The First Session of Coaches United Nations Simulation (CUNS 2021) will be held online on 10 April, 2021. The theme for the conference is, “Empowering the Youth for a Better World”. CUNS 2021 will be an online conference that will bring a diverse group of young people together to simulate some Specialized Bodies of the United Nations. The conference deliberations will be premised on how the capacities of young people could be built to enable them contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The conference aims to prepare young people for global assignments by equipping them with leadership and diplomatic skills in research, writing, public speaking, lobbying and negotiations. It will also advance the awareness on the integral role the United Nations plays in world affairs and to encourage the next generation of leaders to get involved in global issues. Several measures have been taken to ensure that the simulation accurately reflects the way the UN works. The conference shall therefore be moderated by very experienced young people. An intensive training session will be conducted online for all participants prior to the conference.

CUNS Team would work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Education; United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Gambia; United Nations University; National Youth Parliament; University of the Gambia; and many youth groups to ensure a successful conference. CUNS 2021 will be much inclusive to ensure it is gender balanced and provides an equal chance for youth from a wide array of socio-economic backgrounds.

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