Coaches United Nations Simulation (CUNS) is one of the flagship programs within the Coaches of Influence Foundation organization headquartered in the United States of America with a branch in The Gambia. The initiative was founded on the ideals and values of the United Nations in proffering viable solutions towards enhancing a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

The Coaches United Nations Simulation is a model of the United Nations General Assembly and other agencies/bodies which aims to bring a diversity of young people from different works of life to understand the current and growing issues of the world while offering them the opportunity to debate and suggest workable solutions towards tackling some of the world’s challenges. Our aim is to draw the United Nations system closer to young people and to groom them to become global leaders with good values and skills of international standards. This program seeks to provide young people the opportunity to hone their skills of research; documentation; consensus building and negotiation; public speaking; and critical analysis. Another importance is that, young people will be able to widen their network base with others from diverse backgrounds and become more tolerant with each other whiles learning among themselves. 

Dealing with multi-stakeholders, we will be able to achieve our objectives of instituting this initiative and grow it for generations even unborn to benefit from it. There are several programs and projects planned to produce the desired results we look forward to. Such programs and projects include the simulation of the United Nations for all young people (beginning from basic school level to graduate level); UN Days commemorations; educational and leadership exchange with other well-established organizations overseas; and advocacy programs that seeks to challenge the status quo.

Several measures will be put in place to ensure that Coaches United Nations Simulation accurately reflects how the UN operates. We will always partner with the best, tried and tested organizations and be creative in our activities. We want to sustain this platform towards a better world.


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