The Gambia - Local Government Election Message

Dear fellow citizens of The Gambia,

As Secretary General of the Coaches United Nations Simulation, a program of the Coaches of Influence Foundation dedicated to promoting the ideals and values of the United Nations in creating a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world, I urge all eligible citizens, particularly the youth and women, to participate in the upcoming local government election on April 15th.

Local government elections are essential to democracy as they ensure that the community’s needs and concerns are well-represented in decision-making processes. Your vote counts, and your participation is crucial in effecting positive change in your neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

It is vital to conduct the election in a peaceful and respectful manner. Thus, I implore all voters to avoid any form of violence, tribalism, or hate speech during the election period. Let us focus on the issues at hand and make informed decisions based on the candidates’ policies and agendas, rather than their ethnicity, religion, or any other factor that may divide us.

We must conduct ourselves with dignity, respect, and tolerance towards one another, and showcase to the world that The Gambia is a model of democracy and peaceful coexistence. Together, we can create a peaceful and inclusive society, set an excellent precedent for the next generation, and inspire them to do better.

Let us build our nation and inspire our generation. The youth of The Gambia look up to us to pave the way for a brighter future, and we must not let them down.

Coaches United Nations Simulation

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