Coaches United Nations Simulation (CUNS) will be hosting its 2nd edition of CUNS2021 – The Gambia International Model United Nations (TGIMUN) under the Theme: “Positioning Young People Towards the Global Goals” from November 5-6, 2021. The conference will adhere to the observance of the WHO and the Government of the Gambia’s COVID 19 protocols.

The annual conference seeks to reinforce the CUNS mission and vision of preparing young people to take active part in the discussions of agendas of the global goals, to enhance their public speaking and critical thinking skills, negotiation and lobbying Skills, communication and listening skills, debating and writing, teamwork and leadership, to bring about productive solutions and recommendations regarding growing global issues within the framework of the Global Goals. This platform avails participants to Learn the ways and objectives of the United Nations and its multi-stakeholder partners in building mutual global efforts towards realizing a sustainable and equitable world for all. It is essential for youth to understand the functions of international organizations (UNHCR, UNFPA, WHO, UNICEF etc.) in relation to issues faced by various nations that impede the progress of these nations to bring about the necessary change needed.

During simulations, participants are addressed as Hon. Delegates by multiple speakers, whereby they would share their experience and knowledge on identified topics. In this session, various countries are represented by delegates in the United Nation General Assembly and debate on issues that affect their represented Countries. The fundamental essence of the exchange programs is to facilitate a weighty and productive conversation amongst delegates, to share and learn from each other on agendas pushed forward during occasional conferences. CUNS further seeks to equip delegates or youths to think critically and act in a diplomatic manner, prepare them to think out of the box, behave in accordance to international standards through skills and knowledge acquired during COIF mentorship programs.

Simulating Committees

  • UNEP (UN Environment)


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