To apply for The Gambia International Model United Nations (TGIMUN) 2022, you must extensively and carefully read, understand and accept these policies.

Exceptions to Policies and Rules

The Secretariat of the conference are the only staff members authorized to grant exceptions to any conference policies or other general Coaches United Nations Simulation (CUNS) practices. CUNS is not liable for any defective statements made by other staff/team members regarding exceptions to fees or policies.

Privacy and Intellectual Property Policies

CUNS reserves the right to utilize all data submitted by individuals to CUNS and to collect data in the form of photographs or videos during the conference and social events without limitations. Such photos, video, and other audio/visual material taken and/or recorded by CUNS, featuring any individual including guests may be used and published for promotional educational, or other purposes by CUNS and its partners.

Plagiarism is a serious professional and Academic matter at CUNS. We want our delegates and officials to present very unique and original ideas. Delegates must take serious steps to credit the original sources of all quoted and paraphrased materials in their works and presentations prior to the conference and on conference grounds. Faculty Advisors and Committee Bureau are therefore encouraged to assist delegates in dealing with issues of citations to avoid many plagiarism issues which are likely to occur. Delegates must feel free to seek for guidance so that they will not be victims of plagiarism.

All registrants agree that no data, results, and materials for use in TGIMUN 2022 will be circulated by means of publications, reports, conferences, or any other form without the express official written consent from CUNS of which these products, data, results, and materials are its exclusive property.

CUNS reserves the right to update and change information without further notice.  

Code of Conduct

Applicants hereby certify by completing the application process that all information submitted is truthful and accurate. The applicant understands that falsification of any information provided will automatically disqualify him or her from participation in TGIMUN 2022 and future CUNS activities, and falsification of information or impersonation will result in legal actions.

Participants understand full assumption of risk and acknowledges that CUNS, and its members, officers, elected representatives and employees, including the CUNS student Secretariat team, do not assume any responsibility for the conduct and activities of the participant.

The Secretariat reserves the right to immediately expel delegates from the conference due to intolerable behavior. The Secretariat reserves the right to define appropriate conference behavior and is particularly sensitive to issues involving displays of disrespect to other delegates and conference staff. 

Participants further agree to accept and abide by the Code of Conduct which will be published as a Handbook and as decided by the CUNS Secretariat and Secretary-General.

Country and Committee Assignments

Delegates will not be assigned committees and countries until at least fifty percent of the total conference fees have been paid. Committee and Country assignments will be made within ten working days after delegate conference fees payment is made. A country preference is not a guarantee to receiving this country assignment, and all decisions of the CUNS Secretariat with regard to committee and country assignments are final. The registration fee will not be refunded even if a delegate or delegation does not accept its country assignment.

Committee Sessions

Delegates are expected to be in their respective committee rooms during committee sessions. In order for delegates to leave their committee rooms for an extended period of time, both their Chair and their Head Delegate/Faculty Advisor must be informed ahead of time. Furthermore, all delegates are expected to abide by committee dress code (western business attire, or national dress). Delegates must sign the Committee attendance book at every session. Delegates who absent themselves without permission for a total of ninety minutes of the entire committee session hours shall not be entitled to delegate participation certificate and may be banned from participating in two subsequent CUNS Conferences.

Refund of Fees Paid

There shall be no refund of any amount paid as conference fees under any circumstance.

Transfer of Fees Paid

Fees paid by individuals and groups could only be transferred to another delegate or member of the group by writing to the Secretariat no later than October 28th, 2022 (this is subject to change). Any application for transfer after this date shall not be entertained. Email could be sent to  The applicant for the transfer must explain why he/she is withdrawing from the conference. Approval of transfer would only be given by the Secretary General before the transfer could be finalized. The email should state the name and contacts of the beneficiary of the transfer. Beneficiaries should have applied for TGIMUN 2021 before transfer of fees could be made to his/her name. Charges of twenty-five percent (25%) of the total conference fees shall be applied.

Payment of Extra Fees

CUNS will send e-certificates of participation to all delegates by email. If anyone requires a printed copy, it shall be considered at a fee.

Other Rules

These rules are in addition to those established by the Republic of The Gambia, the conference venue and common sense. Serious infractions will result in dismissal from the conference of those involved.

The Secretariat in consultation with the Secretary-General reserves the right to issue additional rules or to alter existing rules at any time.

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