The Gambia International Model United Nations simulation (TGIMUN) is the first ever Model United Nation (MUN) in person conference in The Gambia. Last year, 2021, a program under Coaches of Influence Foundation – Coaches United Nation Simulation (CUNS), organised two online MUN conferences to pave the way for youths and students in their understanding of the United Nation system and to hone their skills in research, writing, speaking and diplomacy. 

The theme for the TGIMUN conference is raising intergenerational leaders for global impact and Coaches United Nation (CUNS) mission is to Influence generations through capacity building and advocacy to complement the United Nations efforts of transforming lives; this is the reason why this year, 2022, she has come up with a massive, “a talk of the nation”, and a spectacular MUN conference reverberating in the ears of everyone. Students, teachers and youths across the nation from various schools and institutions were trained about Model United Nation, and despite being the first time for most to participate in MUN, they have spent their time in intensive research to complete their position papers and prepare for the conference. 

This two days conference occurred on November 18th and 19th, 2022 at Paradise Suite Hotel Senegambia. The conference was kicked off with a profound opening plenary session before all the delegates branched to their various committee rooms for their sessions. Different representatives from various UN committee were invited to speak and grace this breakthrough event. As a matter, what actually resonated from all the speakers is their urge and concern for youth involvement in the addressing of global issues and also, noting that MUN helps youths to be informed global citizens. 

Striking day two of the conference while wrapping up for the closing plenary session was “a walk in the air”. By the end of day one, after which many first timers had already gotten the flow of their sessions, they were eagerly rushing for the second day. When all delegates and their committee Dias exhausted their committee session time and are already sited for the closing plenary, the sense of accomplishment and joy could be read in the faces. The excitement was felt by everyone. It was very apparent that what just happened to them was beyond their expectations. Every felt diplomatic; this was a like a semi UN General Assembly.  In the same way, Minister of Youth and Sport, Mr Bakary Y. Badjie, expressed his sense of excitement and appreciation, saying, in previous years Gambians youths are sponsored by the Ministry of youth and Sport to attend MUN in Ghana, but having TGIMUN, organised and moderated by our very own for the first time with such accomplishment deserves an appreciation. This conference undoubtedly, has become memorable. 

The Gambia International Model United conference 2022 is just the beginning of a long journey – we are just starting. Are we done? No; we have not reached the finish line. This is just the beginning of a long journey. We hoping to see as many and many participants in The Gambia International Model United Nation (TGIMUN) 2023. We firmly believe that if youths like you are acquainted with the UN system and global issues, lives will be preserved and transformed and the sustainable development goals will be a reality in our world, a global village. We sincerely appreciate everyone who has contributed in making this remarkable conference a success. See you in TGIMUN 2023.

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